"The technology help we get in South Chicago, with the computers and cell phones, other people don't have in other places. I can bring in my laptop, flip phone or smart phone, and get whatever question I have answered on the spot." 


"I love living in South Chicago! I'm not just saying that because I won this prize today either. There's always something to do, and we enjoy ourselves every time we come together. We're all like family around here." 


"I've been involved in my community all my life. What I appreciate most about what we're doing in South Chicago are the options we have, now that we're older, that still keep us engaged plus help us bring in a little extra income."

Flo Jo

                                                                                               Our Village's Programs

Info Well 

Need help finding out where to go in Chicago for a particular thing, or who to talk to about services available in South Chicago? Have questions about your computer or cell phone? Wonder what events are taking place in or near South Chicago or which neighborhood streets are under construction? Subscribe today to ask whatever questions you have. A South Chicago Villager will check the resources directory and get you the right answer expeditiously.

Age-Friendly Business

Why pay full price? You've earned a discount and we have businesses in our network that are happy to extend you one? Ready to find out which South Chicago businesses are Age-Friendly? Contact us to see if you can save money on today's lunch or dinner through the South Chicago Village's business relations program. Join our village today.

Community Outreach 

Need someone to help you throw out junk, jump start your car, or shovel your walkway? Willing to drop off someone else's prescription when you drop off yours, or open to being an accountability partner for someone trying to turn over a new leaf? The South Chicago Village is here for you to receive help and give help through this giveback initiative. Subscribe now to get involved or receive assistance today.

Engaged Visibility  

Sometimes, it just feels good to know people truly care about you. Wouldn't you love for someone to regularly reach out to be sure all is well your way if they haven't heard from you yet this week? Well, the South Chicago Villagers do just that.  Subscribe today and get exclusive access to personalized support through our telephone reassurance program.

Generational Exchange

Have free time to spare? Want to read to children at a neighborhood daycare, Adopt-A-Senior to spend quality time with and escort to events, or find a Grandfamily where the children raised by their grandparents need your help getting the things they need at Christmas and Back-to-School time? Subscribe now to submit your availability to assist or your request for either of these types of help.

Seniors Market 

Wondering what income-generating opportunities exist for seniors? Have services or products but need a consistent, affordable way to present your small business to people and generate sells? The South Chicago Village's social enterprise program provides a platform for senior entrepreneurs to solicit products and services, meet monthly to discuss strategies, and gather on a quarterly basis to sell alongside each other in a safe space. Join the South Chicago Village today.


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